About Us

Thank you for your interest in Hattiesburg!


VisitHATTIESBURG provides assistance to qualified journalists who are working on a story about or including the Hub City. We can create custom itineraries, arrange for accommodations, set up interviews, and provide VIP passes to many local attractions. Assistance is provided to working media with a specific story or publication pitch only.


We receive a number of requests from journalists seeking media privileges. A limited number of press visits are available each year and are generally arranged on a case-by-case basis for journalists on assignment. To most effectively meet editorial, photographic, and/or broadcast needs, we ask for cooperation with the following guidelines when requesting a press visit:


  • Complete this Media Assistance Request Form no less than 90 days before your requested visit.

  • While not all of the below information is required, the more information provided, the more likely the request will be approved. Providing this information to VisitHATTIESBURG allows us to justify the expense of hosting you in Hattiesburg.

  • We require a minimum of 90 days notice for a press visit once all credentialing information has been received. This allows us to pursue suitable, available lodging and make other arrangements to enhance visits. Changes in the press tour itinerary cannot be guaranteed with less than seven working days notice prior to the visit date.

  • Follow-up reporting is highly favored and appreciated. A form with reporting information will be provided to all hosted journalists. These reports may be shared with the Hattiesburg Tourism Commission board and local tourism partners.


CVB policy prohibits paying journalists/bloggers/influencers during their trip to Hattiesburg, rather VisitHATTIESBURG will host the writer, providing meals and attraction entries for all planned and pre-approved stops. Please understand that our primary concern is assisting members of the working media. Host locations are not always able to accommodate spouses, children and visitors accompanying working journalists. CVB policy prohibits the hosting of journalists if the primary purpose of the trip is leisure or holiday travel for that individual with family and/or friends. Meals and attraction entries for guests of working journalists will not be covered by VisitHATTIESBURG.


Reach out to me with any questions, and I look forward to working with you.


Thank you,


Paige Crane Robertson
Director of Communications and Digital Strategies