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Tatum Park, managed by Hattiesburg’s Department of Parks and Recreation, is one of the largest youth sports complexes in south Mississippi. It is home to Hattiesburg’s youth baseball and soccer programs and also offers facilities for softball, tennis, and disc golf.

Many visitors frequent Tatum Park throughout the year, including this weekend’s upcoming spring classic. Hattiesburg Futbol Club will host 146 teams, coaches, and their fans in Hattiesburg Friday through Sunday. With an expected 7,200 visitors in town, the estimated economic impact of the weekend for Hattiesburg is $1.85 million with $1.34 million in direct visitor spending.

Prior to the tournament, VisitHATTIESBURG and the City of Hattiesburg worked together to develop and install new wayfinding signage throughout the park. The updated signage enhances the athletic facilities and infrastructure already in place at Tatum Park, including a color-coded system for each sport.

“This multi-sport facility is a jewel in the Hattiesburg area. Tatum Park sees tens of thousands of visitors and locals each year for soccer, baseball, tennis, and more. We are pleased to assist with this project to enhance both the visitor and local experience in Hattiesburg, while also supporting youth sports in our community. A special thanks to city leadership, the Parks and Recreation team, and Construction crew in all they did working with us to make this project possible,” Marlo Dorsey, executive director of VisitHATTIESBURG, said.

In addition to this tournament, other large events are already scheduled at Tatum Park in the coming months. As a part of its increased efforts to attract group sporting events to Hattiesburg, the team at VisitHATTIESBURG partnered with both the Hattiesburg Dixie Youth Baseball and Hattiesburg Youth Soccer Associations to bring two state tournaments to the community this summer. Coupled with other planned events and local recreational sports held year-round at the park, new wayfinding signage was becoming increasingly important.

“The Cane’s Classic tournament is a longstanding tradition in Hattiesburg that brings soccer teams from across a three-state area to compete for the weekend. In addition to players and coaches, there are thousands of out-of-town spectators traveling to cheer on their teams. We are excited about the boost these new signs will give to their experience in Hattiesburg and Tatum Park,” Drew Siders, Hattiesburg Youth Soccer Association and Hattiesburg Futbol Club executive director, said.

City-wide signage updates, some of which have already been completed, are a priority in making navigation easier and more visible for individuals and families who visit. This project will already have an impact as Hattiesburg’s newest wave of visitors arrive this weekend. For more information on the Cane’s Classic or Tatum Park, visit hysams.org. Tatum Park is located at 101 Parkway Blvd. in Hattiesburg, MS.