The Hattiesburg Zoo In Mississippi Is The Perfect Day Trip Destination





The Hattiesburg Zoo In Mississippi Is The Perfect Day Trip Destination

Newton Mathews

A fun zoo day trip in Mississippi awaits you at the Hattiesburg Zoo, where you can enjoy an unforgettable experience without spending a fortune. This budget-friendly destination offers a day filled with animal encounters, educational exhibits, and fun for the whole family. Don’t let the smaller size fool you – the Hattiesburg Zoo is packed with excitement and adventure, making it the perfect day trip destination.

The Hattiesburg Zoo, located in Hattiesburg, spans over 12 acres and features more than 100 species of animals from around the world.
Visitors can explore exhibits featuring African animals like the Chapman's zebra and the De Brazza's monkey or marvel at the majestic Sumatran tiger and American alligator.
Visit the Tiger Boardwalk for an up-close look at the impressive American alligators.
Children will particularly enjoy the petting zoo area, where they can interact with friendly and gentle animals such as goats, sheep, and miniature horses.
The zoo houses various species for those interested in birds, like the colorful macaws, the fascinating African grey parrot, and the elegant peacocks that roam freely around the zoo grounds.
The zoo also features an aviary where visitors can feed and interact with lorikeets, a small and vibrant parrot species native to Australia.
The Hattiesburg Zoo offers many activities to keep children engaged and entertained.
There's a whimsical carousel where kids can take a spin on beautifully handcrafted animals.
Another exciting activity for kids is the train ride that takes visitors on a scenic tour around the zoo.
Throughout the year, the Hattiesburg Zoo hosts special events tailored for children, like the annual Easter Egg Hunt. Kids can search for eggs hidden throughout the zoo.
This zoo day trip in Mississippi to the Hattiesburg Zoo offers a memorable and affordable adventure for the entire family.