The Best Breweries In Mississippi





The Best Breweries In Mississippi

The Bison Brew Team


Southern Prohibition Brewing

This brewery is an IPA lover’s dream come true. They have been brewing since 2013 and are constantly improving their products and coming up with new flavor blends. They have a huge space with multiple seating options: outdoor, indoor, by the bar, and a private lounge with a big-screen TV.

The Suzy B is a favorite, a pale ale with a bready flavor and a neat finish, making it an excellent starter ale for anyone just getting into craft beer. Other choices include The Mexican Lager, a malty ale with lime notes, and the Apocrypha, a Biere De Mars with a Belgian farmhouse profile.


Colludium Brewing Company

Started by a family from New York, the Colludium has two goals: to brew craft beer and create a welcoming space where anyone from anywhere can come together and have a good time over board games. And boy, do they have a collection. Over 200 games, from Catan to Risk, their patrons can grab and enjoy with friends, family, and even pets. They even encourage outside food, allowing customers to deliver from restaurants and bring in takeout.

All their beer is made on-premise and only available in their brewpub. You can also find a variety of guest beers on tap. Famous house brews include Carbs Against Humanity (a sweet milk stout), RPG IPA (a hazy New England pale ale), Mouse Trappist Ale (a Belgian Dubbel), and the Wheats And Wagers (an American Pale Wheat Beer).