The Holiday Inn Express is set to make its debut in the Hub City in 2022. The hotel is set to have 85 rooms and is expected to take $8.5 million to complete.

Hattiesburg officials along with economic development professionals and owners of the hotel held a groundbreaking ceremony at the site on Thornhill Drive Monday.

Hattiesburg Mayor Toby Barker says this is a step forward in economic development for the city.

“I think it’s a reminder that even though we’re in some very challenging times, momentum is still happening right now,” Barker said. “We know that we’ve had four straight record months of sales tax collections with hopefully some more good news later this week, and to see the hospitality industry, which in many ways has been hit harder than any other industry, continue to make investments in Hattiesburg speaks well to where we are as a community and where we’re going over the next two or three years.”

Hotel officials say when it first opens, the Holiday Inn Express will bring about 15 to 20 jobs to the city. This is the second Holiday Inn franchise to open in Hattiesburg, the other being on Highway 49.

“It always has something happening and hopefully after the pandemic has settled and we can get back to normal and attract more business to Hattiesburg,” said Viral Patel, owner of the hotel.


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