Last Friday, the Hattiesburg Community Arts Center held a debut for the mural “Yellow Brick Road," which is done by Ricardo Moody, who teaches at Presbyterian Christian High School.

Moody has been doing art for most of his life and this is what he had to say about his recent work.

“My idea was to have one-person kind of on the front to start when you first walk in, which kind of represents everybody that might would walk in here," said Moody "And then just use the yellow path as kind of like a thought bubble and show birds coming out of it, as a picture for imagination.”

More murals are making their way up in Hattiesburg like the “Wonderful Day” mural.

“Our public murals series that we are embarking on this coming year and next, we really want to be able to look at some building facades and try to look at those in a new way," said Hattiesburg Alliance for Public Art executive director Marlo Dorsey.

"How can we enhance a space by using local artists here or artists from other places in the country that can come and take their imagination and work with others to really present something beautiful to look at and to contemplate and really to enjoy and enhance our surroundings,” said Dorsey.