First GeoTour in Mississippi launches Friday

Published: Dec. 9, 2022 at 7:09 PM CST
HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WDAM) - You may have heard of a Geocache, but what makes this a GeoTour?

VISITHattiesburg and Hub City Cache combined with their sponsors to make this GeoTour possible. The goal is to explore places you wouldn’t normally go to while still seeing the sights that Hattiesburg has to offer.

“Geocaching is for everybody,” said Shawn Harris, the founder of Hub City Cache. “These Geocaches are probably the most versatile that you’ll find. We have some that are in public parks within the city of Hattiesburg, we have some that are hidden on private property and we have a Geocache at the Black Creek Hiking Trail.”

You first visit to register a username. Next, you will download the Geocaching app and search for the Hattiesburg GeoTour (GT4BF).

There are 40 caches to find, which you locate through a GPS signal and clues.

Once you find one, you sign the log and write the code on your ‘passport’. Once you find at least 35, you may turn your passport in to T-Bones Records and Cafe, The Lucky Rabbit, or mail it in to receive your coin.

This game is designed to bring visitors into the Hub City and allow residents to explore Hattiesburg further than they have before.

The GeoTour is free to participate in. The official launch was Friday, but you may complete the GeoTour at any time.

These geocaches are meant to be found, but you may have to look in some unusual places.

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