Dixie Youth 8U World Series comes to Mississippi





More than 22 youth baseball teams from 12 states are in the heat of competition, hoping to be the last team standing and crowned champion of the Dixie Youth World Series.

Dixie Youth Baseball is a recreational youth baseball league that was established in 1955. This is the first time since 1998 that Hattiesburg has served as the host city for the league’s world series. The city is showing off its new $1.5 million youth baseball facility in the process.

In Dixie Youth, it’s not just about winning, it’s about being a good sport and enjoying the game.

Before the series starts, each team hangs up their state flag. If they lose, the children are responsible for taking it down with pride, parading it off the field, knowing they played a good game. Mississippi Director for Dixie Youth Baseball Tommy Rheams said, “You learn… you’re not always going to win. You gotta learn to pick yourself up and keep moving. It’s like life. Life is tough, but you have to figure out how to go through and that’s what baseball, in a way, teaches them.”

Member Lucas Walters said, “They teach us how to be good sports, and good winners, and good losers. And to not get too prideful.”

The world series wraps up Tuesday in Hattiesburg. For more information on Dixie Youth Baseball’s mission, visit