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1.  The Bru’s Breakfast Bowl at Depot Kitchen and Market

The Bru’s Breakfast Bowl is made with a Cheddar biscuit, topped with sausage gravy, bacon, scrambled egg, and cheddar cheese.  You can’t get any more comfort in a breakfast bowl.  At a cost of $11, it’s a hearty breakfast that is worth its cost.

The Depot Kitchen and Market is a local restaurant located near the Hattiesburg Train Depot (Station), making it an ideal spot to grab a bite for train aficionados, Amtrak passengers, history buffs, and everyone else who is hungry.

The restaurant has a warm environment and the staff is well versed in Southern hospitality.

While my personal pick is the Bru Breakfast Bowl, my husband enjoyed his breakfast (The Downtowner – two eggs, bacon, toast, and smoked gouda grits for $9) and was especially impressed with the grits.  

Also of note, the decaf coffee ranks as some of the best I have ever drunk.

The Depot Kitchen and Market is located at 209 Buschman Street and is open every day for breakfast and lunch.  Their hours are  8 am until 4 pm Monday – Saturday and 9 am until 2 pm on Sundays.

2. The Skinny Elvis at The Midtowner 

The Skinny Elvis is made with whole-wheat toast, peanut butter, banana, honey with fresh berries and granola and costs $8. I was honestly surprised at how much food there was and for once in my life, my husband finished eating before I did.  This is a great dish where something healthy is completely satisfying.

The Midtowner is a new cafe with a retro feel.  Walking in, you will feel a sense of nostalgia from the black & white pictures adorning the walls to the comfy booths.

It’s an entirely local restaurant that prides itself on serving real food.  The Midtowner is located by the Hotel Indigo at 3000 Hardy Street, Suite 10, and is easily walkable from and to the University of Southern Mississippi (aka Southern Miss).  The restaurant is open 7 days a week from 7 am until 2 pm.

3. Catfish from Art of Roux

While the name might sound as though this is a restaurant in Louisiana, it’s all Hattiesburg.  The Art of Roux is Hattiesburg’s locally owned and operated food truck.  Although the menu changes weekly, there will always be something delicious to order.

If you are lucky when you are there, you will catch them serving their catfish which is perfectly fried and served with a side of French fries.

The Art of Roux is located on the grounds of Southern Prohibition Brewing Company and is open on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

4. Craft Beer at Southern Prohibition Brewing Company

Southern Prohibition Brewing has been crafting beer in Hattiesburg since 2013.  Sipping their Oreo Crumble Cakewalk Beer is like having your cake and drinking it, too.  It’s a very rich, somewhat sweet beer.  

Oreo Crumble Cakewalk Beer is an Imperial Stout that has notes of crumbled chocolate cream wafer cookies, vanilla, cocoa nibs, and marshmallow. There’s no need for dessert when you can enjoy this with or after your meal.

5. The Hubert at Birdhouse Cafe

You can eat healthy and delicious, and the Birdhouse Cafe proves it.  Everything on the menu is wholesome and you can feel good eating anything that they make.

The Hubert ($8) is turkey, avocado, spinach, and chipotle paleo mayo on sprouted bread served with a side.  It is a great, light lunch, especially when paired with fruit for the side dish.

Chef Katie Dixon is passionate about eating well and it is reflected in her restaurant.  The restaurant is located inside of B & S Appliance store at 6763 US-98 and is super cozy.

The Birdhouse Cafe is open Monday – Friday from 8 am until 4 pm (until 6 pm on Mondays only).  If you are looking for healthy options for breakfast, lunch, your coffee break, etc., this is where you want to go.  They also make delicious gluten-free desserts!

6. The Holiday Spirit Cocktail at The Porter

If you find yourself in Hattiesburg during the holidays (and you should!), stop by The Porter at 201 West Pine Street and order The Holiday Spirit.  It’s a surprisingly refreshing cocktail made with vanilla vodka, coffee liqueur, and butterscotch schnapps shaken with heavy cream and garnished with toasted cinnamon zest.  I can see myself ordering this every. single. time.

The Porter is downtown in an older building and it’s like walking into a cozy den – there’s no reason to get all gussied up to enjoy the great drinks and pub food.  But if you want to get all decked out, that’s perfectly fine, too.  The Porter is open Tuesday – Saturday starting at 11 am.

7. Chicky-Chicky Wit Fries at The Porter

While you enjoy your favorite adult beverage at The Porter, you’re going to need a bite to eat, too.  A plate of their Chicky-Chicky Wit Fries ($10.50) is large enough for several adults to share.  If you like hand-cut fries topped with grilled chicken, bacon, and their house-made Wit Sauce, then you definitely need to order this dish.

8. Cajun Popcorn at Crescent City Grill 

A nod to New Orleans which is only an hour and a half away from Hattiesburg, Crescent City Grill is a Creole eatery that specializes in fresh seafood with broad beer and wine lists.

The Cajun Popcorn is fried crawfish tails, jalapenos, and banana peppers with remoulade and costs $13.99.  By all means, please dip the “popcorn” in the remoulade – you’ll thank me later.  If you like shrimp, you will love this creole appetizer.

I can attest to the fact that Crescent City Grill’s shrimp and grits rank among the best that I have ever had and I probably should have added it to this list of things to eat in Hattiesburg.  However, I chose an item from their dessert menu to include, because it was phenomenal and sometimes you need a little indulgence.

9. White Chocolate Bread Pudding at Crescent City Grill

The bread pudding at Crescent City Grill has to be the best that I have ever eaten.  It’s unbelievably smooth, creamy, and rich.  Share it with the one(s) you love or they will never forgive you.

10. Cotton Blues Market Burger

The Cotton Blues Market Burger is a 5-ounce all-beef patty, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onion, house-made pickles, freshly baked bun, and it is served with one side.  (I recommend the jalapeno coleslaw.) The housemade burger costs $11 and will satisfy your hamburger cravings.

Cotton Blues burger was one of the over 33 burgers on the Hatties[burger] Trail.  If you love burgers, be sure to pick up a brochure from Visit Hattiesburg mapping the different restaurants in the area that are on the trail. If burgers are what you want to eat in Hattiesburg, you’re in luck!

Cotton Blues is part restaurant, part market.  If you don’t have time to dine-in, you can purchase something delicious from their grab-and-go cases, like a gourmet Asian salad, pesto sandwich, or even charcuterie snack boxes or savory sides. 

I shan’t be remiss and fail to mention one of the best items to get at Cotton Blues – their cheesecakes.  

11. Blueberry Swirl Cheesecake at Cotton Blues

The cheesecakes at Cotton Blues are so good they have been named Best Cheesecakes in American by Delish and MSN.  If you are in Hattiesburg, you can order a slice for $6.40.  Cheesecake options include plain, blueberry swirl, strawberry swirl, and caramel swirl.  If you can’t make it to Hattiesburg, you can order one and have it shipped to your home.

Thanks to Visit Hattiesburg, I was able to sample some of what Hattiesburg has to offer.  It was enough to know that I need to go back for more.

What’s your favorite dish in Hattiesburg?  (Don’t forget to use the hashtag #EatHburg when sharing on social media.)


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