10 Great Places to Visit in Mississippi if You Love Art, Fashion, and Music





Mississippi is a treasure trove of artistic and cultural gems, offering a diverse array of experiences for those who adore art, fashion, and music. The state’s rich history and vibrant modern art scene welcome visitors to explore museums, galleries, and music venues.

In this guide, we will delve into 10 fantastic places in the state of Mississippi that will satiate the appetites of art aficionados, stylish fashionistas, and music enthusiasts the world over.

10 Places in Mississippi for Artists, Fashionistas, and Musicians
Interested in seeing everything that Mississippi has to offer creatives like yourself? Then let’s embark on a colorful journey celebrating the artistic soul of this captivating southern state!

1. Mississippi Museum of Art

Located in downtown Jackson, the Mississippi Museum of Art features an impressive collection of artworks by local and internationally renowned artists. It’s a must-visit place for art lovers who want to explore everything from classical paintings to modern mixed-media installations.

2. Delta Blues Museum
A visit to Clarksdale’s Delta Blues Museum is a perfect way to connect with the musical spirit of Mississippi. The museum features memorabilia and artifacts that capture the history of blues music in the region. Don’t miss out on live performances at Ground Zero Blues Club while there.

3. Hattiesburg Saenger Theater
The historic Saenger Theater in Hattiesburg hosts various performances throughout the year, including numerous plays, concerts, and dance recitals. This beautifully restored venue is ideal for enjoying live art events that showcase regional talent and international acts alike.

4. Walter Anderson Museum of Art
Situated in Ocean Springs, this unique museum celebrates the life and work of acclaimed American painter Walter Anderson. Visitors can expect a variety of exhibits featuring his colorful watercolors, intricate murals, and exquisite wood sculptures, so be sure to check them out.

5. Historic Club Ebony
The historic Club Ebony is an iconic music venue that was once owned by legendary blues musician B.B. King. Today it continues to offer unforgettable musical experiences with live blues shows and an atmosphere that transports you back to the golden era of Mississippi blues.

6. Rowan Oak: William Faulkner’s Home
Literary buffs should make time for a visit to Rowan Oak in Oxford, home to famed author William Faulkner for over 40 years. Explore his preserved residence from Monday to Saturday with personal belongings on display and wander through its beautiful four-acre garden.

7. The Ultimate Fashion Show
Every year in Jackson at The Country Club, check out the Ultimate Fashion Show hosted by the Diabetes Foundation. Taking place around April, you’ll see a variety of colorful spring and summer fashion that’s to die for. You’ll also find plenty of local stores featured on the runway.

8. Cotton House Hotel
Music lovers will enjoy staying at the Cotton House Hotel, situated in Cleveland. This boutique hotel boasts its own live performance space called Bar Fontaine, where you can enjoy local music and a thoughtfully curated collection of regional art displayed throughout the premises.

9. Smith Robertson Museum and Cultural Center
In Jackson, experience the rich history of African American cultural expressions at the Smith Robertson Museum. The museum includes artifacts, art pieces, photographs, and exhibits that pay homage to Mississippi’s African American heritage in a thought-provoking manner.

10. Fondren District Art Walks
For a vibrant outdoor experience, head to Jackson’s Fondren District Art Walks, held monthly. This artistic extravaganza showcases local talents ranging from painters to sculptors alongside live music performances—an excellent way to immerse yourself in Mississippi’s arts scene.

In Conclusion…
Now that you’ve discovered these 10 wonderful places in Mississippi, it’s time to embark on an adventure filled with creativity and inspiration. So why wait? Grab your camera, friends, or family members and set off on a breathtaking tour of these vibrant cultural havens.