What to do in Hattiesburg Based on your Zodiac Sign

Wondering what your zodiac sign says about you? Learn what Hattiesburg landmark or attraction your sign represents.


Aries - Eagle Action Sports

As the first sign in the zodiac, Aries has a lot more energy than others. You like action, and you like to win. That’s why Eagle Action Sportz is perfect for you! Offering a good blend of intense competition with activity for any skill level, this locally-owned sporting attraction is just the thing to keep you busy and fulfilled. 


Taurus - Longleaf Trace

Steadfast and loyal, Tauruses aren’t typically known for adventure. You’d rather stick with what you know and take it slow. Let those stubborn feelings go with a leisurely walk or bike ride on the 44-mile Longleaf Trace. With plenty of shade and stops along the way, we know you’re already planning to pack the most detailed picnic, but don’t forget to enjoy the moment, too. The nature that surrounds you can help you connect with your sign, manifesting comfort and security. 

Gemini - Curiosity Escape Room

You are inquisitive. Where others play it safe, you love to expand your horizons. Although a little indecisive, in your heart, you always know what you want. With a little knowledge about a lot of things, Curiosity Escape Rooms is for you. We have no doubt you’ll escape the riddled adventure in no time!


Cancer - Pinebelt Blueways

Although Cancers are best known for being homebodies, your call to adventure might surprise you. If you are going to leave home, it needs to be for something special. What’s more special than paddling the Leaf or Bouie Rivers on the Pinebelt Blueways? A water sign, you’ll find peace in the steady, calm current of the rivers. No need to deep dive into your emotions today. Let the sun and the sounds of nature wash away your moodiness. We promise you can go back home soon!


Leo - Mahogany Bar

You are confident in yourself. You have a flair for the dramatics and expect what you do to have the same. You need a little bit of flair and a good first impression on your night out. Located in the center of Hattiesburg in the middle of a building with three other restaurants in it (dramatic, amiright?), Mahogany Bar has just what you are looking for. Sip a handcrafted cocktail (or mocktail) on the back patio or enjoy the moody dim lighting inside with a mouthwatering appetizer.   


Virgo - Southern Prohibition

Virgos demand perfectionism. You want it done “right” down to the last detail, and Hattiesburg’s signature brewery Southern Prohibition screams perfection. This sign, often represented by the Greek goddess of wheat Demeter, SoPro will feel like coming home to Virgos. Luxury abounds in the newly renovated taproom, yet efficiency is key in the 10-year-old brewery. Craft beer, ambient lighting, and a curated menu all come together for the perfect night out for the highest maintenance of signs. 

Libra - Public Art Trail

You are looking for a little balance on your trip. Something exciting but something chill. Harmony and peace are your driving forces. You want a chill walk with an amazing view. Stroll along the Public Art Trail, find your perfect view, and capture a couple of selfies. The ever-growing art trail will inspire your imagination, just don’t get lost in it. 


Scorpio - Mohawk Steel & Glass

As a Scorpio, you are no stranger to the unknown. You are independent and the most passionate sign. You are looking for a spark. Luckily, Mohawk Steel & Glass has more than a few. Create your own ornament or vase with your loved one (or maybe two since you still aren’t sure they’re sticking around). Although you’re a water sign, we think you’ll enjoy a quick stroll on the Christmas tree farm as a romantic end to the night. 

Sagittarius - Hattiesburg Zoo

Sagittarius is the most adventurous sign in the zodiac, always looking for a good time. You are looking for something a little on the wild side and a whole lot of fun. That call for adventure leads right to the Hattiesburg Zoo, which is perfect for this animal-loving sign. Whether you walk the plank on the High Ropes Adventure Course or simply stroll through Wallaby Walkabout, the Hattiesburg Zoo is full of new, unexpected experiences, Saggie. 


Capricorn - Coney Island Cafe

As a Capricorn, you keep it consistent in everything you do. You keep a list of things you want to try but need a push to get out of your box. Well, how do 100 years of serving great food sound for your steady heart? Coney Island Cafe is a downtown Hattiesburg staple. They’re kind of the parents of downtown. You know that feeling, right? This downtown diner is waiting for you to come in for a bite for either breakfast or lunch.

Aquarius - T-Bones Records & Cafe

You are not one to stand in with the crowd. As the most forward-thinking zodiac sign, nothing will stop you from experiencing what you want. You are a rebel looking to express yourself. You, quite frankly, embody Hattiesburg’s record store/cafe/music venue/whatever it wants to be T-Bones. Grab a cup of coffee while you listen to some underground hits, stroll the aisles of vinyl records, and enjoy your afternoon. It’s the place where everyone knows your name, well - maybe just that small group of people in the corner. 


Pisces - Downtown Hattiesburg

Although weary, you like to go with the flow. The freedom to do something different each day is what keeps your spirit alive. Downtown Hattiesburg is the perfect spot for you. Don’t be tied down by one thing. Experience it all! Brunch in the morning, axe throwing in the afternoon, picnic in the park with a gourmet charcuterie tray, and art viewing in the evening. We know you’re looking, so here’s your sign to #GetDowntown.