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Dog-Friendly Hotspots in HBURG


Hi! My name is Milo and ILOVEPEOPLE, belly rubs and french fries. But more than those things, I love getting to spend time out and about in Hattiesburg (where I get to frequent all of those things and more).


When My Human brought me home last April, she was really quick about making sure I got to experience the finer things in life - and I don’t mean silly dog treats (although I’ll take them anytime). I’m talking about the freshest of water bowls to play in, the biggest of sprints to run in open spaces and yummy treats given to cute dogs like me!


She says I have a lot of energy, so she often takes me along with her so I don’t destroy our home (not that I have or anything - I mean, look how cute I am). But because of that, I’ve gotten to experience what is best about Hattiesburg: 1 - it’s people; and 2 - it’s places! So, let’s get to highlighting the best dog-friendly places in the ‘burg. Because, whether you’re a local or visiting us during your travels - these hotspots are the places to put your car in bark!



Keg & Barrel

My first-ever official outing was at Keg and Barrel for My Human to show me off to her friends. They all loved me, of course, but then the waitress brought out THEBIGGESTBOWL of water with ice cubes in it for me. It was pawsome!


My Human tells me they have quite the selection of beers from all over and their food is super yummy. I can only tell you about the fries that I was provided (under the table of course so My Human couldn’t see); but, I’m sure everything else is just as delicious. Big life celebrations, birthdays, random week-day meals and more happen at Keg and Barrel. We go here A LOT, and I’m always treated like a king. They have two locations for easy access, and it’s always a good time.


Also, did you know ice is much more fun to play with when it’s in a water bowl? Also fact: it’s even more fun when you splash all of the water outside of the bowl and get soaking wet. But, disclaimer: make sure your human is okay with this. Mine shouted fun things when she saw me, so I know she definitely loved when I did it.


The Hotel Indigo / Brass Hat

Here in Mississippi, we get all kinds of weather. Lucky for me - it’s outside-sitting weather most of the time which means I get to tag along for dinner and drinks. This place has lots of different seating outside - including a lounge area!


My Human raves about the food, but more so about the cocktails. Me? I rave about the grilled bratwurst our waiter brought out to me one time. He upped the treat game, and I gave it two paws up. I also got a big bowl of water and they refilled it frequently. I woof their customer service and attention to detail.



Southern Prohibition Brewery

This place is my favorite for getting ALLOFTHEBELLYRUBS - especially from the waitresses. They have a big grassy area out back for yard games, and it’s fenced-in. My Human really likes that part just in case I’m sneaky, and it helps me serve as the unofficial greeter. I say hello to EVERYONE, and in return - I get rubs. It’s the pawfect compromise.


From Hattiesburg-born beers to yummy pizza, My Human gets to enjoy what she thinks is the best of Hattiesburg while I get to enjoy the real truth - the PEOPLE!



The Lucky Rabbit

This one really isn’t specifically for my four-legged friends; but, it is helpful that we can tag along while our people enjoy sifting through Hattiesburg’s own two-story market. It only happens once a month (the first full weekend), four days at a time, but it’s a lot of fun if you catch it. There are so many treasures to sniff!


PROTIP: It’s often crowded, so make sure your human knows that in case you don’t do so well with a lot of people at one time.



Central Bark - Keg & Barrel Dog Park

This place will furever be one of my favorites. Not just because of its central location to all of Hattiesburg’s neighborhoods, but because My Human served with many other Hattiesburgers to help make its existence happen. My favorite part is when we hang out around a bench with my sister’s name on it. Her name was Stella. I didn’t get to meet her; but, I like that we get to share that space there. It’s in the perfect shaded spot. My Human said she didn’t really run much and that she often had a super sarcastic expression on her face, but that she loved real big. I’d say we’ve got that in common.


With two separate size-specific sides and fun water features, there is lots of room to run, play fetch and sniff all of my friends. It’s the ulti-mutt experience for all dogs (and their owners).



Regardless of where you choose to go, Hattiesburg is very welcoming to all dogs - small, large and even the ones with no tails (hey that’s me)! This isn’t an exhaustive list; but it is definitely the ones we frequent the most. Hey - maybe I’ll get to see you there soon!?




Milo’s leash is held by Samantha McCain, a longtime Hattiesburg resident who loves to help Milo express his thoughts and feelings through photos and words. Catch up with his latest adventures by following him on Instagram at @milothehattiesdog.