VisitHBURG Blogs >> "All Things Gold in Hattiesburg"

Before the leaves even begin to change colors, Hattiesburg, Mississippi takes on a gilded hue. You see, Hattiesburg (known lovingly by locals and frequent guests alike as “HBURG”) is home to the University of Southern Mississippi—the Golden Eagles. And while Hattiesburg certainly has all the Southern charm and football pride one might expect from a college town in the Deep South, Hattiesburg is weekend gold for so much more. With a funky, “new South” vibe that fancies craft beer with its Saturday kickoffs, cool local shopping prior to posting up at the traditional tailgate, and plenty of physical activity outside to burn off all the serious snacking that goes down throughout all four quarters of the big game. Whether you choose to call it Hub City, Hattiesburg, or HBURG, this is one town heavy on the fun during football season. Here are the can’t-miss hotspots that make Hattiesburg, Mississippi, your gameday headquarters: